Volunteers Nov. 17, 2023

Volunteers Team Up with Families to ReFresh Habitat for Humanity ReStore

At Habitat for Humanity, the spirit of community is not only built through houses but also through shared experiences and collective efforts. In October we hosted a ReStore Refresh event for the Comox Valley ReStore.

Emily, Habitat homeowner and her kids drawing Christmas cards for the holidays!

The event was one of our most significant ReStore Refresh projects to date. A total of 21 dedicated volunteers, including families, joined forces to breathe new life into our ReStore space. The highlight of the day was the generous allocation of 141 hours earned during the event, with 76 of those hours donated by our volunteers directly benefiting the participating families.

Volunteers completing a number of ReFresh tasks.

The transformation was heartwarming, as volunteers united to tackle various tasks aimed at improving the store. From changing out burnt light bulbs and stained ceiling panels to a fresh coat of paint on walls, pony walls, and poles, the volunteers worked to create a welcoming and vibrant space for the community.

Volunteer families completing a number of ReFresh tasks!
"The partner families who joined the project were incredibly helpful, enthusiastic, and hard-working—they fit right in with the volunteer team." - Mel, Habitat Volunteer

Volunteers and partner families worked side by side, reinforcing that the Habitat community is not just about providing homes but also creating a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all who participated and made this day possible. Volunteers like Gardiner and Wendy MacDermot, Verna and Gary Ardon, Gordon Sheriff, Mel Springall, Jim Crosbie, Brittany Bergin, Evan James, Corinne Bjorge, Kayla Tinga, Colleen Kelly, and the families Andrea Alvarez, Sarah, Ember, Soli, Koah Hampton, Janine, Marina May, Emily Lonsdale, Lunden & Belle Ferguson, Mia, Alex, Eric (Jr.), Eric (Sr.) Matschke, and Michelle Mendez, showcased the power of community collaboration.

"There is no better feeling than building a sense of community, and knowing that we are turning strangers into neighbours, and volunteers into friends." - Brittany, Habitat Volunteer Manager

Thank you to everyone who contributed to making the ReStore Refresh a memorable and impactful event. Your dedication and hard work have created a space that truly reflects the heart of our community.