Affordable housing projects

With the help of volunteers, donors and Habitat homeowners, we build decent and affordable homes. We don’t give away free homes - the people who partner with us pay an affordable mortgage geared to their income and volunteer 500 hours with us. Our model of affordable homeownership bridges a gap for low-income, working families by providing them with the opportunity to purchase their own homes.

Habitat housing fills a gap and frees up social housing and affordable rentals for others on the housing continuum.

Current project

1375 Piercy Avenue

Our current project on 1375 Piercy Avenue in Courtenay will provide 12 homes for local families, including two fully-accessible units.

Upcoming projects

461 Hilchey Road

Our upcoming project on 461 Hilchey Road in Campbell River has the potential to provide 20 safe and affordable homes for local families.

Completed projects

477 Hilchey Road, Campbell River (2017-2021)
11 homes

1330 Lake Trail Road, Courtenay (2017-2021)
10 homes

Dalton/Westgate, Campbell River (2016-2017)
2 homes

Hilchey Road, Campbell River (2015)
2 homes

Piercy Avenue, Courtenay (2013-2014)
6 homes

Maple Road, Campbell River (2009)
2 homes

Willemar Avenue, Courtenay (2007)
2 homes

26th Street, Courtenay (2006)
2 homes

Willemar Avenue, Courtenay (2004)
2 homes