Homeownership Feb. 02, 2024

Sarahs' Story and a Love Letter to the Community

I am writing this to share how happy I am in my new home. I like how it’s a new house and it’s near my school and we can do anything we want to the house and we don’t have to move if we don’t want to. I like how I have my own room and I can paint it the way I want. - Ember
I am writing this letter to thank all Habitat staff and volunteers and donors for making owning a home possible for my family and me. Something I’ve enjoyed in our new home is the kitchen and the and the ceiling. The ceiling is a nice height compared to our old home. The kitchen I like the modern look to it. Thank you again for all Habitat has done - Koah
I am writing this letter to show my gratitude and thanks to the donors and those who have helped build and support this project so all of this could happen. I’m really happy that all of this happened and that the house is very nice and the neighbours are very nice and quiet. I would like to thank those who made this possible and have made our life better. Thank you all. - Soli