Janine and her daughter opening the door to their new Habitat home.

Homeownership Dec. 22, 2023

Janine's Story

Janine and her two children, Korben and Marina, are a family of three who, like many in our community, have faced the challenges of rising rental costs, and the constant fear of instability.

Before partnering with Habitat for Humanity, the rising cost of housing in the community had the family contemplating a move to Fort

Janine, Korben and Marina cozied up on their porch surrounded by twinkling Chritsmas lights.

Nelson, with the fear of being unable to get ahead financially and the constant worry of landlords asking them to vacate. The prospect of a stable home seemed like an unattainable dream, and Janine felt the weight of uncertainty about her future.

Despite these challenges, they found joy in simple activities that brought them together. Going on hikes, walks with their dog, family dinners, and camping trips were cherished moments.

For Janine, the dream of homeownership wasn’t just about having a place to call their own—it was about providing stability and a sense of belonging for her children. She envisioned a future

Janine, Korben and Marina looking forward to the holiday season in their new Habitat home.

where her kids could grow up, start their own families, and have their mom nearby. Without the opportunity presented by Habitat for Humanity, she considered moving away once her children finished school.

Now, with the keys to their new home, they look forward to creating lasting memories in a space they can call their own.

This holiday season is particularly special as they embrace their old traditions, like wearing matching Christmas PJs, and displaying their large collection of nutcrackers but also looking forward to creating new ones.

Janine and her family displaying their large collection of nutcrackers, which now sit in their brand new Habitat kitchen!
I look forward to never having to worry again if my landlord wants to sell or move back in and have the fear of not knowing where we will live. - Janine

As they step into 2024 as proud homeowners, they look forward to having more time for self-care and growth.

My goal is to vacation more. Solo hiking trips, family adventures, and seeing new things! - Janine

At Habitat for Humanity, we are so excited to have played a crucial role in turning their dreams into reality, allowing them to look forward to a future filled with possibilities.