Jan. 09, 2024

'1375 Thrive' from St. George's United Church Exceeds $8,000 Fundraising Goal for Habitat

In an inspiring display of community spirit, a group of women from St. George's United Church came together to form a fundraising group called "1375 Piercy Thrive." Their goal was clear: help their future neighbours by supporting Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North. Over the course of just two years, their efforts paid off as they successfully raised over $8,000 towards this build.

1375 Piercy Ground Breaking in 2021. Photo by John Bonner Photography

It all began back in 2021 when a few who lived in the neighbourhood of 1375 Piercy, noticed the site preparation for Habitat's new build. They started discussing how they could welcome their soon to be neighbours and help out.

After witnessing Reverend Ingrid Brown's (now of Weird Church in Cumberland) blessing of the 12-home project at the ground breaking ceremony, their group grew in numbers and their enthusiasm to support these future young families took off. The fundraising group was formed.

We met through Covid, drank coffee and ate brownies and got to know one another, sharing our stories. One of these 11 ladies gave an account of how, being a single parent in Vancouver, she struggled to rent a home that would provide stability for her and her daughter. In the course of her daughter's seven years of elementary school, they moved four times due to changes in their accommodation. That meant four new schools, new neighbourhoods and new friends to navigate. As grandmothers and great grandmothers, we knew the tremendous importance of families having stability and security in order to be healthy and successful. Thus, the name '1375 Thrive' for our group.- Nancy Milliken, Fundraising Coordinator at '1375 Piercy Thrive'
Baked goods at the 2023 Christmas Cookie Walk at St. George's United church in Courtenay.

Their plans and ideas percolated through Covid until they could finally hold their first fundraising event. Because they were partnered with St. George's, they were welcome to use their commercially licensed kitchen and hall (which is available to rent by outside groups). Over a period of two years, they raised over $8000 towards the project at 1375 by organizing a bake sale and auction, two "Christmas Cookie Walks" and other fundraising initiatives at the church. Volunteers from Habitat and Habitat future homeowners and staff joined in on the days of the events to help sell the delicious treats.

So many new connections were established over these two years of fundraising for the 1375 project. As we encouraged each other, new friendships arose between fundraisers, new home owners and the staff at Habitat. It never occurred to us that our fundraising efforts would result in such a rewarding experience for us. Now that this project is nearing completion, we hope and pray that the families at 1375 Piercy will flourish in their new homes and that, in their new community they find encouragement and friendship. - Nancy Milliken, Fundraising Coordinator at '1375 Piercy Thrive'
Chrystal, Habitat Community Engagement and Events Manager and Emily, Habitat Homeowner, helping out at the 2023 Cookie Walk.

At Habitat we are so grateful for your community support. The dedication shown by the ladies of '1375 Piercy Thrive' not only raised vital funds but also forged meaningful connections. Our Habitat families extend their heartfelt gratitude to such compassionate neighbours, while our staff eagerly anticipate future collaborations on upcoming projects. Together, we're building more than homes – we're nurturing a spirit of community and hope.