Nov. 08, 2022

Join the ReStore ReMarkables Team

The Comox Valley and Campbell River ReStores combined forces to host the ReStore ReMarkables Auction, a recurring fundraiser with a selection of collectables, novelties, artwork, antiques, and more! We require volunteers for several positions to help us run this fundraiser. This is one of the most unique projects you can be a part of as a volunteer at Habitat, and we are always looking for an extra hand to help!


This role is perfect for someone who is computer savvy and enjoys researching the history and value of items found at the ReStore! This requires coming into the ReStore, scoping out the mountain of unique items in the auction room, researching them online, and entering the information onto a Google spreadsheet for easy selection.


This position is for someone with a keen eye for a diverse selection of items. This role requires the volunteer to come into the store and select an assortment of items to go into the upcoming auctions. Our goal is to ensure enough variety of items will appeal to different people! An example would be six housewares, two books, two paintings, three antiques, two vintage items, three electronics, two tools, etc.

Data entry

This role requires the volunteer to have a keen eye for detail while entering the information of the selected auction items into the computer system. This information must be grammatically correct and organized, as it will be directly uploaded to the auction website.


This role requires the volunteer to come into the store before each auction goes live and photograph the items. A DSLR camera or equivalent is preferred. Basic photo editing skills and knowledge of editing software such as Lightroom, Photoshop, Canva or equivalent are required.

Treasure Hunter

Maybe you’re just interested in helping us find the treasures. Why not come by your local ReStore, and ask how you can do just that?
If you are interested in being part of the ReStore ReMarkables team please email our Community Engagement Managers with subject line 'ReStore ReMarkables Volunteer.'


Comox Valley: volunteercv@habitatnorthisland.com Campbell River: volunteercr@habitatnorthisland.com